In only five songs Ellen knows how to enchante you with her refined voice

Ellen grew up in the Netherlands and has been performing on stage since the early age of thirteen. She started taking classical buitar lessons when she was sixteen, but was already beginning to play the compositions in her own way. She was a lead singer in several bands, singing rock, jazz and blues and began to develop her own guitar style and writing her own songs.

In 2014 she released her first album “My Window” and in 2017 she released “Clouds” In the Summer of 2019 she performed at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale near Woodstock . In 2020 she released her third album “Caged Bird”

Ellen writes songs that come from her heart and uses folk; americana; jazz and blues influences..

New Album Caged Bird

Through Tom Mank, who co-wrote two songs on this album, Ellen met producer recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist Rich DePalo producer of multiple award-winning albums for indie artists such as Joel Rafael, The Burns Sisters. Ellen decided to let DePaolo produce three songs and recorded them at grammy winner Will Russel’s Electric Wilburland studios. She got inspired by the passion for music and kept on writing. She recorded the vocals and guitar of the songs at Barefootstudio in Belgium.

Beside DePaolo (bas, guitars, mandolin, banjo, keys) and Sera Smolen (cello) Ellen Shae collaborated with American musicians Bill King (drums), Doug Robinsonn (upright bass), Max Buckholtz (violin, viola) and Mark Karlsen (soprano sax). Gait Klein Kromhof (harmonica) was the only Dutch musician that contributed to this album.

“Caged Bird” was mastered by Fred Kevorkian (Willie Nelson, Joan Osborne, Maroon 5 e.a.)

“Caged Bird” comes from Ellen’s soul, somewhat autobiographical but also about the world she sees around her and events that affect her. The titelsong “Caged Bird” she co-wrote with Mank, is about the desire to focus more on music, the calling of the stage on which she especially wants to remain authentic.


” They are all beautiful songs without an exception. Ellen knows how to touch my soul. Caged Bird is not only a timeless record but also balm for the soul “Theo Volk, music that needs attention about Caged Bird

” In only five songs, Shae knows how to enchant you with her refined voice and unique sounds it makes you recognize her forever”Joost Festen, 8 weekly about Clouds

” She has a voice that radiates life experience and wisdom, her songs are so clever from a technical point of view that she could easily enter the international market” Harry de Jong, Lust for Live magazine about Caged Bird

” Ellen Shae avoids any compositional cliché on her new album and keeps the melodies surprisingly strong from the beginning to the end: Hans van der Maas, OOR magazine about Caged Bird

” Ellen Shae’s elegant, personally colored folk, pop and country rock ballads could hardly have been performed more authentic: Gaesteliste (DE) about Caged Bird

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