a confident and highly gifted artist.

Author: Remo Ricaldone | Appeared on: Planet Country. it

If you get excited by the life stories presented with grace, delicacy and depth, if your heart warms by listening to the acoustic sounds presented with essentiality but also with a wealth of shades, then this “Caged Bird” is for you. Her own sound, her own poetics and always giving the overall impression of a confident and highly gifted artist. “Caged Bird” has great cohesion and is above average quality.

Poignant songs and appealing lyrics

Author: Assie Aukes | Appeared on: Folk Forum

Ellen writes poignant songs with appealing lyrics. It is about time that she gets the appreciation in our country that she deserves for this strong record.

She has found her voice and sound.

Author: Hans Werksman | Appeared on: Here comes the flood

Her training as a classical acoustic guitar player allows her to colour her compositions with sharp eye for detail. Her storytelling capabilities turns the mainly autobiographical lyrics into songs with universal appeal. Melancholy and resilience are both trying to get the upper hand. There is no clear winner, which is just as well. Real life does not do Hollywood endings.

She has succeeded in opening a huge door of favor.

Author: Joachim “Joe” Brookes | Appeared on: Rocktimes.De

She has succeed in opening a huge door of favor. When the different strings come into play, it gets really sensual, melancholic, thoughtful. For example, “Judging” is a beautiful staging of melancholy.

Balm for the soul

Author: Theo Volk | Appeared on: Music that needs attention

Besides that they are all beautiful songs without exception. Caged Bird is not only a timeless record but also balm for the soul.

Caged bird is Shae’s finest work so far

Author: Fred Schmale | Appeared on: Real Roots Café

Ellen has a beautiful and flawless voice, the arrangements are sublime. Caged Bird is Shae’s finest work so far.

Great and delicious song material.

Author: Philip Verhage | Appeared on: Keys and Chords

Ellen Shaes new record is bursting with autobiographical songs. a shot of melancholy, an enchanting flawless voice characterizes her sound. She writes great and delicious song material to conquer a place in our heart.

Timeless and melancholic songs

Author: Valsam | Appeared on:

Her flawless singing colors timeless often melancholic songs.

Elegant and personally colored folk, pop, countryrock ballads

Author: Ullrich Maurer | Appeared on:

The elegant, personally colored folk pop and country rock ballads Ellen Shae wrote could hardly have been staged more authentically. Ellen also addresses universal political issues and then makes them her own in a poetic-allegorical way.

Beautiful songs to cherisch and take into your heart

Author: Johan Schoenmakers | Appeared on: Altcountry Forum

She has a beautiful voice that somewhat resembles Janis Ian. Caged Bird is a record that is made with care and strong craftmansship. Beautiful songs to cherish and take into your heart.

Caged Bird is of an international Level

Author: Joost Festen | Appeared on: 8Weekly

The album Caged Bird is of an international level. Shae has made a beautiful record.

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